18 Ways to Release your Tension

bullet2 Take walks alone or with your family.

Taking a walk is one of the easiest stress relieving activities. A 20 minute brisk walk will change your state of mind and improves your health and fitness.

bullet2 Avoid bad news and violent movies.
At the end of your stressful day at work, avoid watching bad news and violent movies. You have had enough for the day. End it with watching something refreshing humorous and funny with your spouse or family.

bullet2 Have dinner together with the family or someone special.
Have dinner together and take pleasure from the company of your loved ones. Once in a while experience some exotic food.

bullet2 Stargaze.
Release your tension and change your focus by taking time, if the weather permits and on a clear night, to gaze at the stars, the moon and the magnificent universe.

bullet2 Read a great book before going to sleep.
Read a good novel, an inspiring or motivational book right before you say your good night to the world. Feed your mind with positive information before you close your eyes and slumber.

bullet2 Listen to motivational or inspirational recording.
Do it during your drive back to release your tension from the traffic crawl. Listen to subliminal recordings as you lay yourself to sleep.

bullet2 Take a nap in between the day.
A siesta will revitalize your energy to continue for the rest of the day. Even fifteen minutes nap is good.

bullet2 Read to your children when you put them to sleep.
Take the time each night to read to your children. Enjoy and cherish the togetherness. They will soon grow up and will leave their nest.

bullet2 Avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and unbalanced meal.
You become what you feed into your body. Feed it with stuff that will increase your energy, keeps you healthy, free from discomforts and reduce your stress level.

bullet2 Take time to play with your children.
You are the hero to your children. They need your presence while they are growing up. Spend time doing fun activities together.

bullet2 Leave your work behind when you step out of the office.
Make it a habit to work only when you work. Once you step out of your office, leave unfinished work until the next day.

bullet2 Update your journal.
Take time to write your observations, experiences, insights and emotions in your journal. It is a good way to release your tension. Reread them every few months and reflect on what you have written and experienced.

bullet2 Get a little quiet time alone.
You need some space to get a little solitude. Do nothing but just be still and quiet. Allow your breath to just flow freely and don't judge or resist your thoughts.

bullet2 Listen to stress relief hypnosis
Just sit back or lie down and listen to this stress relief hypnosis session to melt away your irritations and tension .

bullet2 Forgive everyone.
At the end of the day, forgive everyone and even yourself for the hurt and idiosyncrasies. Don't bring your hurts and anger to sleep and brought to the next day.

bullet2 Tell your loved ones that you care and love them.
Tell and show the important people in your life that you love them. A loving word, thought or gesture will make them feel special and appreciated. You will feel loved in return.

bullet2 End your day with a prayer.
End your day thanking your Creator for giving you another opportunity and another day to experience the joy of living.

bullet2 Get a good night sleep.
Release your tension with a good night sleep. Sleep like a baby and sleep well.
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